Renting while Investing… Is it a good idea?

As property prices are increasing, many young Australians are finding it extremely difficult to take their first steps into the property market.

We’re starting to see that rather than buying their first home, Australians are choosing to buy a property as an investment and then continue to rent.

You might be wondering why they would do this. Here are a few benefits of this strategy:

You will be able to afford to live in a much better property renting, rather than if you were to buy it.

You’re still able to move around to suit your changing lifestyle. This is especially relevant for young people that haven’t had kids, still want to travel or are just unsure about where they would like to settle.

You can reap ten years of full tax benefits, gearing and depreciation from having an investment property.

You can take advantage of the compounding growth of the property. This is more beneficial and more rewarding than having the money sitting in the bank.

As you can see there are a number of benefits that come with being a renting investor, but you should still consult a professional to see if this would be suitable for your own personal situation.

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