How long before I can buy my next property?

As the value of your investment property rises, you build equity which will enable you to purchase further properties. If you were to contribute cash into the next property you can acquire further properties in quicker timeframes, however if you are relying on the equity uplift to fund your next purchase then it will be determined by the market value of the property.  In an ideal world, you would purchase 1 property per year in order to build a sizeable portfolio in a quicker period, however its important to be disciplined when investing in property as its not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

What happens if I have problems along the way?

As a buyers advocate service, we are always negotiating and working on behalf of our clients to ensure we get the best result for our clients. We have been known to go in to fight for our clients when things aren’t going to plan.  We can never eliminate all the problems or risks, all we can do it stack the probability of our success in our favor. 

Why should we choose Silvertail?

The reason our clients choose us is because we do things differently and work harder to ensure we can do business again in future. In particular:

  • Holistic Approach To Investing (we help with more than just property)
  • Projects in High Growth Areas Across Australia
  • Hassle Free Investment Properties
  • All Done For You Approach
  • Investment Concierge Does the Work For You
  • Free Service to Our Clients
  • We are Young, Sharp , Vibrant Dedicated to getting the Best Results 

How do you pick which areas you invest in?

When assessing areas, we are looking at good fundamentals in an area. Particularly:

  • Healthy population growth
  • Jobs/ Employment in surrounding areas
  • Transport in nearest City/CBD
  • Shopping/Amenities/Facilities
  • Education/Schools/Childcare
  • Higher percentage of owner occupiers
  • Tight vacancy rates in the area

Should I buy an old property or go for new?

Depending on the investment style you are working towards, each has their cons and pros however if you we are wanting a hassle free investment, we focus on brand new house and land, reasons being:

  • Low Stamp Duty Cost (calculated only on land)
  • Modern & Attractive Designs (aesthetically attractive)
  • Low Maintenance Properties (Everything is under warranty)
  • Brand New Home (never lived in before)
  • Attracts Higher Number & Quality of Tenant
  • Huge Tax Advantages (depreciation benefits)

Can I use my superannuation to buy property?

Yes, in some cases where it may be suitable, you can purchase property through a self managed super fund, however due to the nature of the advice its best to consult with an independent financial advisor or accountant to ensure its suitable for your situation before going down the path of buying property through your superannuation.

How much does it cost to invest in property? Do I have to put in cash myself?

Depending on your circumstances, some people can get started with as little as $1000 deposit and equity in their home.  We usually organize a complimentary finance assessment to work out how much you can borrow, and how much it would cost in order to put the deal together so you know your financial contributions before we begin.  In some cases we have had clients finance their whole purchase without having to contribute cash into the deal, however it depends on individual circumstances. 

What are your properties and what kind of properties do you work with?

Silvertail has properties Australia wide. We have properties in hot spotted areas all around the country including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, & Western Australia.
We have a range of properties which include, house & land, townhouses, dual key properties, & duplexes.  We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach so before we recommend a property we usually go through a strategy session to find something suitable.  

How does Silvertail charge?

Silvertail acts like a broker between clients and developers/builders. When we put business through our developers they pay us a commission just as they would to their other agents. Taking the first steps on your investment journey with Silvertail is really easy. We will begin with an engagement process, enabling us to invest our time and resources into finding you your ideal property investment based on your individual plan and current situation. We will undertake comprehensive property research, conduct a financial assessment, due diligence, property calculations and forecasting. From here, we will present to you a selection of properties that will enable you to achieve what it is you aspire to. Starting from just $1,995, you can begin your investment journey today! 

How does Silvertail work and what are the services you offer?

Silvertail is a full service buyer’s agency for property investors. This means we are the guys that facilitate all the logistics involved with:

  • Sourcing property
  • Organizing finance
  • Builder/developer liaison
  • Conveyance/solicitor liaison
  • Accounting/tax liaison
  • Property management – finding tenants
  • Building inspection liaison
  • Quantity surveyor liaison
  • Insurance Liaison
  • Investment concierge service

Call us today for an obligation-free chat on 1300 846 956 to find out more or Get Started Now.


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