Property Investment Made Easy

10 Steps from Hello to Handover

Step 3: Engaging Silvertail

Is property investment something you have been considering for a while now, but haven’t yet made that final commitment? We understand it may feel like a big decision, but Silvertail is here to make the property investment process simple and hassle free. We take the stress away from you, so that you can be excited about the prosperous and exciting future you have ahead.

Taking the first steps in your property investment journey is really easy. If by the end of your exploration session, you feel that Silvertail can help you take the necessary steps to achieve your property investment goals, we will begin with an engagement process. By engaging Silvertail for a once off payment of just $1995, your new property investment consultant will begin to invest their time and resources into finding you your ideal property based on your individual plan and current situation. Regardless of when you decide to purchase a property, the Silvertail engagement fee will allow you to progress with your investment and enable you to utilise silvertail’s expertise and experience.

When you engage Silvertail, we make it our priority to ensure we take you through the property investment process in the simplest and most effective way possible. Following your exploration session, your property investment consultant will have an in depth understanding of your current situation and where you hope to be in the future. This information will be used throughout the research phase to devise the most suitable investment strategy for you.

We analyse suburb statistic reports, allowing us to undertake comprehensive property research to uncover some of the hottest spots throughout Australia. We will also conduct relevant financial assessments, due diligence, property calculations and forecasting. From here, we will present to you a selection of properties which we believe will enable you to achieve what it is you aspire to.

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