Property Investment Made Easy

10 Steps from Hello to Handover

Step 8: Find a Tenant

The next stage in the hello to handover process is finding a tenant who will be the new occupants in your investment property. Silvertail works closely with experienced property managers from highly reputable Australian real estate companies who will take care of this process on your behalf.  During this phase, we will coordinate with your property manager and provide you with regular updates regarding the progression of this process.

Upon competition of your new investment property, your property manager will start the process of getting a tenant lined up to rent the property. This involves getting the agreements between you and your property manager finalised and advertising your property on the rental market. It is best to finalise the agreements with the property manager before the handover stage, as this will allow them to begin advertising your property on the rental market whilst at the final stages of construction. This means that we are able to find you a tenant sooner and start generating cash flow for you straight away.

After assessing each rental application, your property manager will select the most suitable candidates to move into your investment property. They will then coordinate with the property manager to go through an inspection of the home, prior to signing the leasing documents.

Having great tenants is an essential key to the success of your investment property. With consistent and reliable tenants who pay rent on time and maintain your property with the upmost care, you will enjoy the benefits that come with having a simple and stress free investment. With our property investment packages located in highly sought after locations across Australia, you can feel confident knowing that you will have no trouble attracting long term high quality tenants.

Your property manager provides invaluable assistance during this phase, making the process as simple as possible for the client. The team at Silvertail are committed to working with your property manager to ensure you find tenants who will exceed your expectations and ensure your property investment is hassle free.

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