Property Investment Made Easy

10 Steps from Hello to Handover

Step 6: Owning the Dirt

Your finances have now been approved and you are now the official owners of your own piece of Australian dirt! In this stage of Hello to Handover, settlement takes place and you take legal ownership of the land. From here, we get ready for construction to begin, meaning you will start to see your investment property come to life!

Settlement is a key point in the Hello to Handover process and an exciting time in your property investment journey. Your conveyancer will be heavily involved in this process, following the progress of your contract and informing you of the planned settlement date. They will also provide you with a settlement statement approximately one week prior to settlement taking place, which informs you of the exact amount to be paid by you, the deposits paid and the rates of your property investment. It is essential the exact amount stated on the settlement statement has been paid to avoid any unnecessary delays in the process.

To ensure the process occurs with ease and simplicity, it is important to be organised and plan effectively by having the essential information and documents in place prior to the date of settlement. During this time, your Silvertail property investment consultant will work closely with both your conveyancer and broker to ensure the settlement process happens smoothly and doesn’t present any unexpected issues on settlement day. Remember, planning is the key!

You can feel confident knowing that Silvertail are working hard on your behalf to finalise this process in the most effective and efficient way possible, which ultimately means peace of mind and simplicity for you!

Once the bank cheque has been handed to the builder, they will begin construction of your investment property. This means you are one step closer to earning a passive income through property investment!

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