Property Investment Made Easy

10 Steps from Hello to Handover

Step 7: Starting the Build

Starting the build marks a significant milestone in your property investment journey. This is the time to break ground and begin the first steps of the building process! Every construction process is unique to the specific requirements of the project. However, whether it be a house or land, townhouse or dualkey investment property, the building process follows the same typical steps.

Phase one of the construction process is the slab pour. Once this has been completed, the foundation of your new investment property is set with the framework, roofing and brickwork, which is then followed by the installation of the electrical, plumbing and insulation systems. The final phase of the building process involves completing your new investment property with premium quality fixtures and fittings. You will be able to access progress photos of your investment property coming to life by logging in to your personalised Silvertail Portal.

Generally speaking, the building process can take anywhere between 18-36 weeks until completion. In this phase of Hello to Handover, we understand that maintaining regular communication with the builders is key to the successful completion of your new investment property. The team at Silvertail are committed to following up with builders on the construction process, to ensure we are able to provide our clients with fortnightly updates regarding their property investment. Having this strong relationship with each builder who works with Silvertail, ensures our clients are given priority and kept up to date with each stage in the progression of their build. Your Silvertail property consultant will be your first point of contact if you have any queries or questions regarding the building process.

It is also during this phase which we will select a top performing property manager to ensure you have tenants ready from day 1 upon the completion of construction.

It is essential to maintain consistent communication between you and the builder as they play a vital role in your investment process.

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