Apartments in Brisbane, Property Investment

  • Brand new apartments available in high performing areas throughout Brisbane 
  • Full turnkey, fixed price investment properties
  • We work with top tier Australian builders such as Rivergum, Metro and Metricon
  • Hassle free, simple investment process
  • Own an investment property with only a small contribution per week*.

Property investment in Brisbane is an increasingly popular proposition amongst investors. Silvertail currently have apartments in Brisbane which will suit all your needs and provide you with appealing financial benefits in the long term. This will allow you to earn a passive income through property, enjoy financial freedom and retire on your terms.

Brisbane is currently a property hotspot. With many new property developments arising throughout Brisbane, it is quickly becoming one of the most expanding cities in Australia. With affordable properties available throughout high performing and top quality areas, it is the perfect opportunity to invest. Brisbane’s flourishing economy, growing population, modern city styling, appealing climate and scenic beauty makes this a fabulous location for investment.

Enjoy positive cash flow, low stamp duty and minimal upfront payments when investing in apartments in Brisbane. Through intensive market research and with our knowledge of the property market, we will make sure you select the best property according to your needs. 

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