Dual Key Property Adelaide, Dual Key Properties Adelaide

  • Dual key investment homes available in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
  • Full turnkey, fixed price investment properties
  • We work with top tier Australian builders such as Rivergum, Metro and Metricon
  • Hassle free, simple investment process
  • Own an investment property with only a small contribution per week*.

One property, two rental incomes - a dual key property could be the perfect high-yield investment for you. Silvertail Property Group will help you invest in a dual key property - the smart way!

A dual key, or dual living property, is two homes built under the one roof and on the same title. By providing a higher rental yield per square metre, a dual key is the smart way to invest in a house and land package. Reduced build costs, lower stamp duty, no strata fees and higher tax depreciation are also great advantages of dual key properties.

With the guidance from Silvertail, you can achieve double the rent you might on one property, by renting each dual living property at the value of one. Silvertail has a great selection of dual key properties Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 

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