Why Smart Investors Choose Silvertail

You don’t need to be a property guru or have lots of extra cash to achieve financial freedom through property investing. What you do need is to understand

Here is where Silvertail comes in

The best opportunities to suit your budget 

The way to minimise risk & maximise tax benefits

How to build an affordable, multi-property portfolio. 


Silvertail is a property investment company committed to creating long term wealth for clients through smart property investing.


We will help you create a healthy portfolio of new homes in various locations to maximise profit and minimise risk.


Our clever investing strategy means there's little impact on your weekly budget.


You will be set up for retirement.


We complete comprehensive research and due diligence to find you the right property


You can start your property portfolio with as little as $1000 deposit by using the equity in your existing home.

The Silvertail System

Is designed to help every day Australians built wealth through property by purchasing properties that grow in value, give you a positive casflow and help you save tax along the way.

Package Price


Interest and Expenses
Borrowing Costs



Tax Deductions

Tax Refund

Cashflow Positive

Call us today for an obligation-free chat on 1300 846 956 to find out more or Get Started Now.


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