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I have been assisting Nidal’s clients with finance for several years now and can say he is an absolute pleasure to work with. His customer service ethic is second to none and he makes the process simple and easy to understand for his customers. Building can be quite stressful (especially for first home buyers) so it is so important that the sales consultant is an outstanding communicator - an attribute that Nidal exceeds with.

Stephen Villios (Rams Home Loans)

Nidal is exceptional at what he does. His ability to build rapport and his genuine desire and commitment to achieving the absolute best for those he works with, has been the catalyst for his success and highly credible reputation.

Samantha Badcock (Hunter Careers)

Customer service was absolutely fantastic, Nidal was always polite and friendly, well presented, easy going, and made suggestions to help us and most of all he was easy to talk to as he was building also. All in all, Nidal is a very good consultant and we hope to deal with him again.

Krystal Richardson & Nathan Kenny

Nidal instantly became an asset to my partner and I during the process of building our first house. From our first question to our last question Nidal was able to give us clear and well educated answer. He knows what he is talking about and will benefit anyone seeking professional support in the property market. Thanks again for your help and support through the whole process.

Joshua Osborne & Sam Turner

Nidal is a beautiful person, you know straight away know when you’re working with him that he isn't in it to advantage himself. He is a genuine person who really cares about your family and making sure everything is within your means. We would work with Nidal again in a heart beat.

Tammy Cugley & Mark Kruschel

Being a young couple unsure about the Real Estate market we decided to make contact with Devine homes and were put in touch with Nidal. He has been very insightful, knowledgeable and more than helpful. He has made the building process for us a breeze and we would highly recommend him to others.

Taylor Devine & Daniel Turner

Nidal continually has his finger on the pulse around current market trends, where to buy, when to buy and most importantly ensuring that your purchase will generate growth. Coupled with the above his excellent customer service skills with his passion and enthusiasm for what he does is a huge asset to anyone that has the fortune to meet Nidal, and become a client of the Silvertail Property Group.

Angelo Luczek

Silvertail's managing director, Nidal Rasheed is dedicated and attentive to detail. He is very task oriented whilst maintaining his ability to hold a strong customer focus. He is able to fulfill and exceed goals and is a solid leader and team member. His sense of responsibility, drive and his charismatic personality set him as one of the highest achievers I know. I strongly recommend Nidal.

Fabio Balducci (Director, Unico Due)

I have known Nidal for a few years now. From the first time we met I was impressed with his entrepreneurship, his interpersonal skills and polite manner with those he works with. I would recommend Nidal and the team at Silvertail to anyone looking to invest in property, as they will always have your best interest at heart.

Peter Salerno (Professional Speaker, Laughter Therapy & Hypnotherapy)

Nidal will instantly become an asset to anyone looking at buying their first investment property, or to the astute investor wanting to grow their property portfolio. His ability to educate his clients and advise them on taking the right steps makes the him a sought after expert in the industry.

Joshua Faddoul (Escape Travel)

Nidal was friendly and accommodating to our needs, and began to take us through the first vital steps of the building process. He were always available to speak to, answer any questions we had, and directed us comfortably in order to make the right decision. His down-to-earth, efficient and direct approach made us comfortable and very easy to work with. We are now proud home and land owners. We no longer have to pay high rents and our beautiful new home is affordable. Special thanks to Nidal Rasheed - you have been a pleasure to work with.

Aphrodite Mouzakitis & Timothy Muirhead

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